Ford Focus ST by Mountune: Beyond the RS

The current generation Ford Focus ST is one of the most efficient and exciting sports compacts around, so anyone would like to have a unit in their garage with which to enjoy twisty stretches. Both in terms of specifications and performance, it ranks as the most capable ST ever made, but that will not be enough for some who will go to specialists in the sector to improve its performance.

Above 360 ​​hp

One of the first to offer a solution to those discerning homeowners has been UK-based oval model expert Mountune. The preparer has become known worldwide for offering improvement programs focused on the Ford Focus RS of the previous generation or the current Fiesta ST and has also done the same with his older brother, which received the last year 2020 an update called M330, which as its name suggests brings the power of the sports compact up to about 330 horses while the maximum torque went from the original 420 Nm to a forceful 515 Nm.

A significant increase compared to the factory specifications, but Mountune still had more in the bedroom and now in the middle of 2021 it has shown us.

Under the name of M365, the British preparer increases these figures even more to achieve 365 hp and a torque of 560 Nm of maximum torque, figures with which this front-wheel-drive Focus ST even surpasses the Focus RS and is only behind. of the Heritage Edition that even reached 370 CV.

The main attraction here is electronic since the preparer has focused on optimizing the ECU of the propellant EcoBoost 2.3L while adding an exhaust line of high performance and improved air filter. The most interesting of all this is that thanks to Smartflash technology and an OBD connected by Bluetooth, the owner will be able to alter the vehicle's specifications without leaving the sofa, simply by using his smartphone. In addition, in this latest version, the Track mode has been recalibrated, the wildest that now also has a more exciting soundtrack.

A good power kick for less than 700 euros

In this way, the preparer offers three different calibrations. The first of these is the so-called Performance, which deploys all the power and maximum torque mentioned above together with an improved Launch Control and a louder sound from the exhaust. The second is called Stock Performance, thus returning the Focus ST to its factory settings, while the third, Anti-Theft, completely immobilize the vehicle.

However, the most impressive thing about this preparation is its prices: Mountune offers all this technology for 574 pounds sterling, that is, about 677 euros to change for the M365 version. A ridiculous price for a generous increase in power makes this perhaps the cheapest preparation we can find for the compact sports car.

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