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Ford launches a mobile application to know if your car is being stolen


It's called SecuriAlert and it's in charge of watching over your car at all times. At the beginning of this year, Ford introduced a very interesting connected function to its range of commercial vehicles that ensure the peace of mind of the owners, since it is in charge of alerting by means of the mobile phone if someone is trying to open the doors or access the key with the key. inside. Its name is SecuriAlert and it is now also available to private customers of the oval brand.

Notifications on mobile

With vehicle crime still a problem, and even in some countries like the UK car thefts grew by a third in 2020, with an average of 205 stolen every day, Ford offers some peace of mind to its customers with this reinforced security system connected to a smartphone, which was previously known as Guard Mode. Since owners who park their cars on the street often cannot see or hear the alarm from home, this notification system is extremely important.

Basically, SecuriAlert is responsible for sending an alert to the vehicle owner's smart mobile phone in the event of detecting any activity in the vehicle, either opening the doors or accessing with the key, thanks to the use of existing sensors in the car. Using the onboard modem, that is, the FordPass Connect, the owner will know at all times whether or not his precious travel companion is being compromised.

Located at all times

This connected feature can be quickly and easily turned on or off using a FordPass app that also reveals the time and reason for any alarms issued, as well as the car's last known location. This will allow owners to sleep a little more peacefully at night and at the beginning of the day, they will only have to deactivate SecuriAlert, get in the vehicle, and continue their journey.

We know that our customers care about the safety of their car and its contents, whether they leave it on the street overnight or leave it in a parking lot when they go shopping. SecuriAlert builds on Ford's growing connectivity ecosystem to give owners the assurance that if something happens to their vehicle when they are not driving it, they will be the first to know, said Richard Bunn, Director of Retail Connectivity Solutions, Ford Mobility, Ford Europe.

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