Ford Puma ST Gold Edition: Fan Designed


More than 200,000 votes on social media have resulted in this special edition Ford sporty SUV. For a few weeks, Ford's social networks in Europe have been very active and we do not say it because they have been promoting a new launch, but rather because of a series of surveys addressed to all their fans through which they were given a choice between several design options for the special edition that just saw the light: the Ford Puma ST Gold Edition. Therefore, we are facing a vehicle designed by the most enthusiastic of the oval brand, with a very special decoration.

To the taste of the fans

In total, Ford has collected nearly 275,000 votes in polls released on Twitter and Instagram channels over the course of 10 days. These votes have been used to choose the color combinations of different elements of the sports SUV, including the exterior paint, the graphics of the bodywork and the brake calipers, as well as the name of the special edition, among other things. In this way, the Puma ST sports a black tonality that is complemented by lines that cross the vehicle from the front to the rear, gold wheels, and the aforementioned red-painted calipers.

Regarding the interior, fans opted for a gray seatbelt stitching and door sills with the model name. Ford, for its part, has endowed the cabin with a series of specific decorative moldings that are complemented by golden stitching scattered around the dashboard, the door panels, and some seats that show a very striking double line in their central part it extends all over the backrest, and perhaps the sidewalk.

“To create something truly special for our loyal performance fans, we have taken a forward-thinking approach in co-creating the Puma ST Gold Edition with them. The number of votes cast shows how excited our customers are and that they have excellent taste. It's all in the details, and with this special edition, our fans have configured a truly desirable product, " says Amko Leenarts, Ford of Europe Design Director.

Arrives at the end of the year

At the mechanical level there is no change, so the chassis set-up remains the same and under the hood the EcoBoost gasoline engine is still present. It is a 1.5-liter block that develops 200 horsepower and a maximum torque of 320 Nm, associated with a six-speed manual gearbox that sends all the energy to the front end. With this, the Puma ST manages to reach 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds. Ford has confirmed that the ST Gold Edition will be produced in limited quantities with the first units arriving in dealerships later this year.

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