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Former Apple executive: Cook must have used his personal charm to appease Musk

Apple CEO Tim Cook has always been known for his good communication, he recently managed to appease the new Twitter boss Elon Musk. Three former Apple executives revealed the secret of Cook's success, which is to use his personal charm and hard work to dispel Musk's doubts.

Last week, the relationship between Musk and Apple became very tense. In a series of tweets on Monday, Musk accused Apple and Cook of stopping advertising on Twitter, suggesting they hate free speech. For Apple, it's a PR nightmare.

Musk also said that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its app store, but offered no explanation. Cook chose not to publicly participate in the debate but privately invited Musk to meet at Apple headquarters. Musk later thanked Cook on Twitter for the invitation, adding that everything had been a misunderstanding.

Regarding how Cook succeeded in placating Musk, the British media interviewed a former senior person who worked at Apple for more than 10 years, and he explained,

I'm sure Cook charmed Musk. He wanted to hear Musk finish, I believe Cook made his point. This is what Cook does: He rolls up his sleeves and immediately gets to work on the issue. Whether it's a PR dispute or something more controversial, he won't be involved in a high-profile way. That's not his style, and it's very different from Musk.

Meanwhile, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said,

Cook's best skill is understanding and caring for everyone's needs.

John Sculley, who stepped down as CEO before Steve Jobs returned to Apple said,

Apple's first trillion dollars came from Jobs and Jonny Ive, the next trillion dollars is coming from Tim Cook. He's low-key and doesn't draw attention to himself, but he does it pretty well. When you hold an iPhone in your hand, you probably immediately think of Jobs and Ive, but Cook does Contributions are just as important.

Cook's main achievement has been to cement the iPhone's status as a global aspirational brand. He also extended Apple's tentacles into new media and services and laid the groundwork for the company's forays into finance, autos, and health care.

Cook's steady wrist, generous dividend policy, and large-scale repurchase plan have won the trust of stock god Warren Buffett, who called Cook Apple's outstanding CEO in his letter to shareholders. official. During the Jobs era, Buffett never invested in Apple, but today he is Apple's largest single shareholder, with a stake worth about $140 billion, accounting for more than 40% of Berkshire Hathaway's investment.


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