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Former Polish oppositionist thanks Apple for reliable data protection

Roman Gertykh, who is currently the lawyer of billionaire Leszek Czarnecki, was briefly detained along with his client, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of Poland in October last year for alleged money laundering crimes. His iPhone was seized.

Roman Gertykh is the former leader of the opposition League of Polish Families, which often criticizes the government, in particular, accusing the authorities of corruption. Roman Gertykh left a message on his Twitter page, in which he thanked Apple for reliable encryption and protection of user data.

Here is my phone number. The prosecutor's office and specialists from the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of Poland all this time unsuccessfully tried to break into his protection (editor's note: the phone was seized more than 10 months ago). My clients and pen pals are safe. Thanks to the Apple team. - Roman Gertykh

The iPhone smartphone was confiscated from Roman Gertykh on October 15 and returned only on August 17 after the final court decision in Warsaw.


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