Four tricks and tips to take advantage of Google Play


Google Play has many secrets and tricks that help you use the application better, and these tricks can completely change the way you use the application. Google is working continuously to add more updates and changes to the application on an ongoing basis, and it is expected that Google will present a new design for the Google Play interface with the launch of the Android 12 system at the end of this year.

And you should be careful when downloading applications from Google Play because there are a lot of malicious and deceptive applications that will try to steal your data, and Google is working to remove these applications as much as possible despite their large number.

Now here are a set of tricks to make it easier to use Google Play:

Sort apps by age

Google Play includes a system for evaluating applications according to the target age group or the age group that can be exposed to this application, and this use comes to complement Google's attempts to protect children and make its platforms safe for them. This trick is useful in protecting your kids from bad and unsuitable apps for them. Google divides applications according to the appropriate age to use the application, from 3 years to 18 years.

This step is part of the parental control on children's phones, and in order to use this feature, you must go to the Google Play settings page by clicking on your profile picture in the application.

When you enter the settings page, go to the family section and then activate the parental control, and then you will be shown the age groups in which you want the applications to appear.

When you have finished selecting the age groups, click on Save to confirm your choices.

Fingerprint Confirmation Feature

You can use the fingerprint registered in your phone to confirm purchases and pay money through Google Play.

You can also use this setting on your child's phone, but it is preferable to use a password that the child does not know.

To reach this choice, you will need to go to the application settings and then user settings, and here you will find the option to activate the fingerprint and password.

The ability to use applications without downloading them

This feature is one of the new additions to the Google Play application, and it allows you to use applications without waiting for them to be installed on your phone.

To activate this feature, you need to go to the settings page, then go to the user settings and activate the Google Play Instant feature.

But not all apps will work this way and the developer should allow this at first. You will also find web pages open through this feature in some applications instead of using the browser.

Installing applications without using the phone

You can install applications on your phone without using it, through the web version of Google Play.

To use this feature, you have to go to the web version of Google Play via the following link, and then search for the application you want to install.

After you find the application, click on Install on the Android device

A list of your devices appears, choose the phone you want to install on.

This feature is useful for installing applications through links without manually searching for them in Google Play.


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