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France embraces Google and Microsoft in their quest to protect sensitive data

The French government said that some of France's most sensitive state and corporate data can be stored safely using cloud computing technology developed by Google and Microsoft if it is licensed to French companies.

This comment is part of the strategic plan drawn up by the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and two other ministers, which recognizes the technological superiority of the United States in this field and contradicts previous calls from European politicians for completely domestic alternatives.

Google and Microsoft, along with the market leader, Amazon, dominate the data storage field around the world, raising concerns in Europe about the risks of surveillance by the United States in the wake of the US CLOUD Act of 2018.

However, a trustworthy alternative to cloud computing could be developed within Europe, Le Maire said, by ensuring the location of the servers on French soil as well as European ownership of the companies that store and process data. So we decided that the best companies are. I think especially of Microsoft or Google - they can license all or part of their technology to French companies, he did not mention Amazon.

Google said it welcomes the clarification provided by the French government, adding that it supports the need for the highest levels of security, and Microsoft said that this is good news for the digital transformation in France in complete independence. Cloud at Amazon is collaborating through partnerships with several major French companies, including the state telecom company, Orange. This is something we have been doing for many years, while Le Maire compared the licenses he mentioned with the licenses that occurred in the 1960s in the civil nuclear energy field between France and the United States.

The so-called Trusted Cloud brand will be handed over to companies that provide cloud computing services that respect the principles Le Maire talked about, and other conditions set by the French cybersecurity agency ANSSI, while OVHcloud and Dassault Systemes' Outscale are two French companies that already meet these criteria.


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