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Free Guy: Is this the video game movie of the year?


Until recently, I was of the opinion that movies inspired by video games must be bothered by a curse. Suffice it to say that the well-known game will be transferred to the screen, and it was already known in advance that it would be a real failure. My beliefs actually began to break in recent years, when the film industry underwent a rather thorough renaissance, with films such as Sonic or the newer Mortal Kombat. This time, Shawn Levy is taking the floor, which is a bit different, and instead of adapting a specific video game, he brings his own game world. Which, in the end, turned out to be the best possible decision.

We find ourselves in a giant metropolis called Free City, which serves as an open virtual playground for countless players from around the world. They fulfill missions here, gain levels, massacre innocent civilians, and steal money - in short, they do what they do in every game with an open world. The city will not deny its obvious inspiration with the popular game series Grand Theft Auto, not only because of the presence of stars of search. Only those prostitutes that we like to cross in GTA would be hard to find here.

The main character, a bank clerk named Guy, has no idea that his whole world is actually a giant video game. He lives in peace in his apartment with a goldfish and regularly sees his best friend, Officer Buddy. How about someone kicking him in the crotch or shooting him every now and then. Or drive over - the poor guy is really unlucky. Actually, like the GTA prostitutes, but I'd rather not look for an analogy.

For Guy, explosions of helicopters, constant bank robberies, and hostage positions are the daily bread. A guy is not a player. This is an NPC, ie an unplayable game character who fulfills the prescribed routine every day and repeats the same messages over and over again. And around… And around.

This cycle would bore one to death. Ordinary NPCs perform their tasks with iron regularity, but I can tell you that Guy is definitely not like everyone else. And as the name of the film suggests, one day he decides that he has had enough of it all and wants to try something new. He wants to think and act freely. Thanks to one very daring gesture, he manages to find out that the world around him is definitely not what he imagined. And it hides many secrets.

I have to admit that at first Guy as the main character didn't suit me at all. It's a bit of an oven and an irreparable bone good, which may not be to everyone's taste. But over time, I got used to it and even fell in love with it. For me, he is such a folk hero who is constantly full of optimism, which will definitely infect you during the film.

I won't tell you why this NPC has revolted. This is mainly so that I do not deprive you of some interesting surprises. But know that the filmmakers came up with a few original and, let's face it, pretty shot ideas. Which, of course, I don't see as a negative. On the contrary, a certain madness is what makes Free Guy such a fun movie.

You will have really royal fun. Of course, the narration does not lack drama or a proper dose of action, which we inextricably associate with video games. At its core, however, it is primarily a comedy, and the script, crammed with various announcements and jokes, corresponds to this. I really laughed to the fullest while watching the film and I didn't find a single moment when I would be bored in the cinema. But I was even more bothered by the scenes where the film dropped to the level of machine-made American comedies with its clichés played a hundred times, and the set tempo suddenly lost its power. Fortunately, he never fell into the mud of embarrassment.

In addition to Guy, you will meet a number of other characters. It's such a typical group of the American population - a barista, a cat lady, or a sensual sex bomb. The writers went on but it cleverly, and thus these characters excel in something, which they definitely add depth. Not that we have Shakespearean heroes in front of us, but that's enough for the needs of the film.

As much as I enjoyed the film, I still think about how much I really liked its story. Some situations seemed terribly hasty and random to me, other times I had trouble understanding why events were going in that direction. In short, some things didn't really make much sense.

Now you're probably thinking, "It's a video game, so what are you solving?" Illogic can certainly be tolerated, but you would count so many story holes here that they simply can't be overlooked. And some of them are downright damaging to the story, even though the basis itself is above average. I was also quite frozen by the unbalanced story pace, which is sometimes too stretched for my taste.

But I already had the same problems with the movie Ready Player One, and when I think about it, I didn't mind at all, and in fact, it's not such a big mistake for me, even with Free Guy. After all, we would find several points of contact with Ready Player One.

First of all, the original free game world, which I have already mentioned, but also the fact that both films did not seem to me like a typical Hollywood production, which does not think about its target audience.

As an avid player, I appreciated all sorts of bigger or smaller allusions, easter eggs, and other winks that the creators have prepared for us. For example, you can look forward to a demonstration of teabagging and other game concepts, links to the popular Fortnite, but surprisingly also to a lot of pop culture phenomena. Although Free Guy can't compete in this with Ready Player One, it's nice to see our favorite pictures, listen to familiar jingles, and enjoy the presence of iconic movie props. This, in short, makes the film something more, and for me, it is clear evidence that it was made by gamers for gamers. Which is rarely seen.

The whole film is pushed forward by Ryan Reynolds, who has taken the lead role for himself. And we have a pretty serious competitor to Deadpool because he played Guy very well. And again with personality.

In addition to him, however, many other well-known stars appear in the film, who generally give great performances. Apart from the young faces, it is definitely worth mentioning Taika Waititi, who took on the role of the main villain, the game mogul Antwan. As you probably already know, like most of Taik's roles, this one is a good shot. This time we have before us a spineless eccentric with villainous tendencies and an insatiable desire for money. From Taik Hitler, a real shift ...

What didn't dazzle me so much were the visual effects. It is clear that the budget was not the smallest, but some scenes simply lack a certain smoothness. The visual enjoyment will spoil the places where the quality of the effects is diametrically different from the rest of the film.

Images shot on a green screen are also not difficult to recognize. Otherwise, the visual does not look bad at all and helps to complete the overall atmosphere of the film, which naturally must for the most part look and act like a video game. Which I think worked. This is one of the reasons why worse-looking effects may have been the intention rather than the work done. But I will leave the decision of whether this is really the case to you.

The musical accompaniment is provided by several well-known hits, as well as original compositions, which I would personally include in the orchestral average. So the music does not offend or dazzle. But this type of movie really doesn't need an epic soundtrack.

The press screening took place in a hall with Dolby Atmos technology. And I have to admit that surround sound works real wonders. You hear literally every shot and explosion, which makes it much more possible to experience the local event, which definitely does not spare explosions and noises. My advice on where to watch the film is more than clear.

It is obvious that I would recommend the film Free Guy, especially to gamers. If you liked Ready Player One, you'll love this unconventional feat. Nevertheless, even non-players should give it a chance, because it works really well as a comedy, despite the fact that not everything an ignorant viewer has to understand.

So Free Guy was able to allay fears of the result, except for a few stings. This is a great, action-packed and, above all, very entertaining work for everyone. Ryan Reynolds shines again, allusions and references are striking, the characters do not lack originality and humor.

Too bad only the school mistakes that hurt the film. The creators may have been able to spend a little more time preparing it to make the result even better. It also has its flies and its pace, which fluctuates uncomfortably here and there.

But these are rather just little things that you will gladly close your eyes to. After much deliberation, I finally decided to give the film Free Guy the same mark that I would give Ready Player One because for me both of these films are at a very similar level.

Free Guy takes a beautiful eight out of ten points from us, and I sincerely hope we didn't see Guy for the last time.


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