GAC Aeon will replace the new Logo and soon release the first pure electric supercar

GAC Aeon will hold the Aeon brand press conference on September 15th. At that time, Aeon after the share reform will launch a new Logo and release a new high-end product series. At the same time, they will also launch "China's first supercar". Previously, Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC Group, revealed that GAC Aeon will release a pure electric supercar with a price of more than one million yuan within the year.

GAC Aian New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., which was just established on September 6, will release a new LOGO and a new high-end product series on September 15, and the first pure electric supercar in the series will also be unveiled simultaneously. It is said that the new high-end product series models are built on the basis of the self-developed technology of GAC Egypt, and mainly focus on the pure electric market of 250,000-400,000 yuan and above.

On April 1 this year, GAC Aian published a new car preview, and wrote that GAC will enter the era of supercars, emphasizing the car's 0-100km/h acceleration of 1.9 seconds. . From the picture, the new car will have a streamlined and dynamic sports car shape, and it will have a lower drag coefficient.

GAC AION has previously registered relevant trademarks, and AION may use two new car names in the future: AION Cyber ​​and AION Hyper, of which AION Cyber ​​corresponds to the original AION S&S Plus, AION Y, AION V&V Plus and AION LX &V Plus And so on, while AION Hyper corresponds to the super-running series, the first model may be Air One.

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