Garmin Enduro sports watch: captivates endurance, discourages price


Although Garmin offers many types of smart watches in the segment up to CZK 10,000, it now comes with one of the more expensive models for demanding users. The Enduro model already makes it clear that it is a smartwatch for extreme conditions and sports, such as skiing, swimming, surfing, running or mountain biking.

But this premium watch with respectable endurance and a durable body also belongs to the top with its price. The steel version of the Garmin Enduro will cost you CZK 20,990 with VAT (76 g). The more expensive titanium variant then costs CZK 23,990 without VAT (58 g).

One of the most powerful weapons of the Garmin Enduro should be battery life. It reaches 70 hours when using GPS, 50 days in normal use and 130 days in battery saving mode. Solar charging then shifts the life to 80 hours (GPS), 65 days (normal operation) and 360 days (battery saving). There is also an economical GPS recording, in which the Enduro can handle 200 hours of operation (300 hours with solar charging on).

In addition to watching the VO2 max, the watch can also have an ultrarun mode, in which it tells you when to rest. Of course, the display of altitude, various options for measuring performance and leisure planning and more. In addition to sports functions, NFC is also available for contactless payments, display notifications from the phone or the option of installing other applications. Garmin Enduro sports watches are available in our market now.

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