Geely's vehicle-mounted drone patent announced

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Geely Automobile Research and Development Co., Ltd. filed a patent for "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Configured to Operate Relative to Land Vehicles". The vehicle-mounted drone can configure the flight mode according to the speed of the vehicle.

The abstract shows that the unmanned aerial vehicle includes processing circuitry configured to:

  • operate the unmanned aerial vehicle in a self-propelled mode when the land vehicle is stationary or moving at a speed below a threshold speed;

  • When the land vehicle is moving at a speed above a threshold speed, the unmanned aerial vehicle is operated in a tow mode in which the unmanned aerial vehicle is towed by the land vehicle.

  • The present disclosure also relates to a system for controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle operating relative to a land vehicle for land motion, a method for operating an unmanned aerial vehicle relative to a land vehicle, and a computer program product.

  • Fenghuangwang Technology has learned that Geely Auto is an investment holding company engaged in the production and sales of automobiles. The company mainly develops, manufactures, and sells automobiles, including sedans, SUVs, new energy, and electrified vehicles.

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