Geely Vision Starburst concept: The Chinese giant anticipates its new style


The Chinese giant Geely, the parent company of well-known brands such as Volvo, Polestar, Lynk & Co, or Lotus, is preparing a new revolution at the design level for its main brand. A new style that Geely wanted to show for the first time in this spectacular prototype under the name of Geely Vision Starburst.

A cosmic design

As its images show, we are facing a modern and aerodynamic four-door coupe with an aggressive style called " Expanding Cosmos " that stands out for being a design full of nerves and folds, a face marked by an LED line that frames the entire front, along with a large grille, turbine-designed wheels and a very aerodynamic silhouette, with a roof that falls gently from very early and ends in the rear with an even more modern style reminiscent of the recent Zeekr 001 -also a Geely brand-, with two boomerang-shaped lights joined by a thin horizontal LED line.

With these master lines, we also see details such as some LED indicators that show the charging process of this model which is therefore confirmed as an electric one - or a series of sensors and cameras that occupy the place that was normally dedicated to the main headlights. Although the most striking thing about this model is its curious butterfly-type door opening format, although the rear ones showing a reverse-opening to leave a single and very wide space to access its modern interior.

Spaciousness and technology inside

An interior that stands out for its spaciousness, and its technology. The driving position has a floating style featuring a generous central screen with a vertical and horizontal format that seems to be part of the dashboard, in which ambient lighting stands out with what the brand itself calls Cosmic Rays that change color. All this also accompanied by a modern steering wheel with a somewhat rectangular and modern but minimalist style.

Geely explains that this Geely Vision Starburst will not end up hitting the streets with a future production version, but rather serves as a demonstration of what can be expected from its future models that from now on will be born from this new and cosmic philosophy. of design.

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