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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Two New Characters

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed two new characters coming to the game in a future update. One of these characters is Eula, a Pyro Catalyst four-star character while the other is Eula, a Cryo Claymore five-star character. In other words, for those hoping to see the first new electro character added, it looks like you will need to wait a bit longer, as these are likely the next two characters coming to the game. However, right now, it's unclear when exactly either character will be added, but we do know what they look like and, to an extent, how they play.

As for the leaks themselves, they come the way of Lumie, a prominent Genshin Impact leaker that has leaked characters in the past. Unfortunately, while the leaks feature media, none of this media includes gameplay.

According to the leaks which have been substantiated by other prominent Genshin Impact leakers Eula is the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, sometimes referred to as The Spindrift Knight. Meanwhile, Yanfei is a well-known legal adviser in Liyue Harbor and a brilliant young lady with veins that run with the mixed blood of an illuminated beast. Below, you can check out both characters, courtesy of the aforementioned leaker:

These leaks have been substantiated and added to by other prominent Genshin Impact leakers they have not been verified by developer miHoYo, who has opted to respond with silence, at least so far.

Genshin Impact is available via the PS4, PC, and mobile devices. The game is also playable on PS5, but only via backward compatibility. Right now, a proper PS5 port is in the works alongside a Nintendo Switch port, but at the moment there's no word of when exactly these pair of ports will release.

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