Germany Vodafone: New Smart Tech tariffs and launch of the Neo Smart Kids Watch

Vodafone, telecommunications company and technology group, Feb17th presented a new portfolio of tariffs specifically for IoT products. In other words, A new tariff structure is now being offered for smart tech devices, such as smartwatches, cameras or trackers.

The Smart Tech S is a tariff especially for the use of trackers and is available from an entry-level price of 1.99 euros per month. The Smart Tech M is intended for smart watches, e.g. for kids or seniors. In addition to a sufficiently large data volume, it also offers units for telephony and SMS for a monthly price of EUR 5.99. The Smart Tech L is a large data tariff and therefore ideal for the use of smart cameras that are installed in the garden or on holiday homes, for example.

In the overview it looks like this:

The whole thing goes well with Vodafone's new hardware, the Neo Smart Kids Watch, which was introduced last year. In addition to calls and messages, the smartwatch has an integrated camera and an activity tracker (step counter). The camera serves as a photography tool for the kids, but the pictures taken can also be followed by the parents.

The location and the contacts with which the child interacts can also be monitored, you can also take regulatory action here. You can stay in contact with the child via calls, chats or emojis. Neo is now available in the Vodafone Smart Tech online shop at a price of 199.90 euros in the two colors 'Mint' and 'Ocean'.

At the start, Vodafone is offering an introductory offer limited to two weeks, where buyers can purchase the watch at a price of EUR 169.90 reduced by EUR 30. There is also the monthly service fee of 5.99 euros.

Vodafone has another attractive offer especially for Amazon customers during the pre-sale phase . Instead of the regular 299 euros, the buyer receives the watch including a 24-month tariff for only 249 euros.

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