Glasses for the blind that enable them to identify objects


A new invention that would help the blind to communicate with their surroundings and deal with things more easily. The Tunisian young man, Mortada Touati, was able to invent a new invention, as part of his graduation project from the university, which is glasses for the blind.

According to the Tunisian Nesma channel website, Touati created glasses for the blind to use, enabling them to identify objects.

Touati's innovation came as a graduation project from the Higher Institute of Information and Multimedia in the Tunisian state of Gabes, in the southeast of the country.

Regarding what these glasses provide to the blind, Al-Tawati confirmed that they help them communicate with their surroundings through the technology of recognizing voice, face, objects, and words, which makes it easier for them to better perceive things around them.

The Tunisian youth hoped that this invention would be marketed and developed to contribute to the happiness of the blind.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft had been able, early last year, to develop a new augmented reality glasses called the Tokyo Project to help people, who suffer from vision problems, by developing all the sound effects of the system to help locate others in the surrounding area. Using Microsoft's "Hollow Lens" technology for augmented reality, to give the user hidden audio cues that help him locate who is looking or pointing at him while talking with groups of people, to help him look at individuals.

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