Glynn Lunney, legendary NASA Flight Director and Lackawanna County native dies at 84

We are learning tonight about the passing of a northeastern Pennsylvania native who went on to become a NASA legend.

Lunney said, i think it’s important for people to see this and I hope they’re going to be seeing it a hundred years from now.

That was NASA Engineer Glynn Lunney talking several years ago about the 1969 Moon Landing. Lunney was an on-duty Flight Director during that historic event. Less than a year later, he played a major role in Apollo 13’s Houston, we have a problem crisis. The Old Forge native who worked for NASA since its inception in 1958 would later serve as Manager of the Space Shuttle Program. He left the agency in 1985, leaving an incredible mark on aeronautics history. Glynn Lunney died Friday. He was 84.

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