Gmail will start showing logos in your inbox


Gmail is armed to combat the constant attempts of ' phishing ' via email. Phishing remains a big problem for both users and businesses. Cybercriminals pose as banks or entities to scam users, and Gmail recognizes the problem.

Google's email service will start issuing verification badges for emails to bear the logo of the sending company. Google announced this Monday that the so-called Brand Indicators or " Brand Indicators " will be implemented in Gmail from next week. The logo of the organization sending the message will appear in the Gmail inbox using the DMARC standard.

How does it work?

Organizations will have to authenticate their email addresses under the DMARC standard, in a process that will verify addresses and possession of rights to use the logo. After passing this process, Gmail will start showing the logos.

In summary, it will depend on the brand to register its logo in this system, something we recommend to avoid more cases of phishing.


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