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Google adds a new green symbol in its maps on trips that saves money

Google Map
Google Map

Google Maps adds a green leaf next to some flights, and this leaf can actually save you some money, but what does that mean? Google Maps receives updates all the time and sometimes new features are rolled out. Earlier this year, Google confirmed that the Green Leaf icon will start appearing on users' phones. You may see it when you navigate somewhere with multiple route options.

What does green leaf mean?

The green leaf is a sign of the most fuel-efficient road. It will appear next to your preferred modes of transportation like walking and cycling by default. But it also appears on car trips, indicating when fuel efficiency will be better with a given route. This is often the shortest route - but not always.

Google uses AI to calculate how things like traffic, road elevation, and the smoothness of your ride (starting and stopping) affect your fuel efficiency. This system may find that a longer track is more fuel-efficient. And Google will mark this for you with a Green Leaf icon.

If the paths are about the same length, the Green Leaf version will appear as the preferred path. Using this route may save you a little money when filling the tank. The same is true if you are recharging an electric car instead.


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