Google allows you to check advertisers campaign logs

Google begins giving users more information about who runs the ads they see. The company's "About this ad" list shows basic information about the advertisers, as well as any other ads that have been shown in the past 30 days. By doing so, it aims to help users better judge whether a particular ad buyer is trustworthy, after criticism about scams across its platform.

The company said last year that more ad disclosures were emerging when it began verifying the identities and locations of all advertisers, having previously retained verification requirements for political ads.

The company says it has begun verifying advertisers in 90 countries, but the disclosure option is being launched in the United States in the coming months, and then expands to more countries in 2022.

Screenshots indicate that the advertiser's information is very basic as it gives you the legal name of who placed the ad, the country in which it is located, the approximate number of ads shown, and a list of ads, and you can see information about campaigns on both search and YouTube.

Facebook, which dominates online advertising alongside Google, provides similar functionality through a database that users can check to see all the ads shown across Facebook and Instagram.

The search giant also offers a database of advertisers but focuses on political ads. Google provides information on advertiser history. The company carried out ad verification amid reports that scams and false ad listings were rife across both Google and Facebook.

A recent British report indicated that the two companies are failing to remove many fraudulent ads, which direct users to counterfeit versions of well-known retailers. Some scammers also target Company Maps with fake business listings. It should now be easier to report an ad that violates company policies. that promises that a team member reviews it for compliance.

The company also said it continues to explore ways to share more data, and this can help you make more informed shopping decisions online. Whether it's to build trust in a new name or to move away from an inconspicuous brand.


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