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Google announces a service to warn of hacked passwords

Google introduced new password protection features at the Google IO virtual developer conference, one of the most prominent features was sending alerts about your compromised credentials and allowing you to quickly change them through Chrome.

The company's password manager built into Chrome and Android - will automatically send an alert when one of your saved passwords is part of a data breach, and the company that provides you will also allow you to quickly change it in Chrome, so you don't have to log into the site and go to change password.

Here's how it works: When Chrome performs a password verification procedure, and if it finds a compromised password, the browser will display a Change Password button. This feature will help you to switch the password on one page, instead of going through multiple clicks. Additionally, Chrome will suggest a new strong password for your account.

Google said this feature is being powered by Duplex on the AI ​​web platform.

Apple introduced hacked password alerts with iOS 14 last year, and Google is rolling out a tool to import passwords from other managers into its password manager. In addition, the company will have a deeper integration between Chrome and Android, so you don't have to worry about remembering all the credentials.


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