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Google Announces New Features to Keep You and Your Devices Safe

In an era of increasing connectivity and the proliferation of smart devices, Android is stepping up its game to simplify users' lives while ensuring their safety. With the launch of a revamped Find My Device experience and the introduction of unknown tracker alerts, Android is taking significant strides to protect users from potential threats and offer enhanced tracking capabilities for their belongings.

Find My Device Gets an Upgrade

Android's Find My Device feature has been a useful tool for locating misplaced devices with internet connectivity and location capabilities. However, as the number of devices in our lives grows, keeping track of them has become more challenging. Taking user feedback into account, Android is set to launch a refreshed Find My Device experience later this summer.

The updated Find My Device experience will revolutionize the way users locate their devices and belongings. It will enable users to quickly and securely find their devices by ringing compatible devices or viewing their location on a map within the app, even when they are offline. This means that devices without location capabilities or those that are not connected to the internet can still be located effortlessly.

Leveraging the power of over a billion Android devices worldwide, the new Find My Device network will assist users in locating missing belongings such as headphones, tracker tags, and even phones through Bluetooth proximity. Users will also have the option to attach Bluetooth trackers from popular brands like Tile, Chipolo, and Pebblebee to their everyday objects like keys, wallets, or luggage. These objects will become findable via the Find My Device network, adding an extra layer of security and convenience to users' lives.

Privacy Safeguards at the Core

While offering enhanced tracking capabilities, Android places paramount importance on user privacy. The Find My Device network ensures that location data collected from the network is end-to-end encrypted, preventing Google or any other party from accessing or utilizing the data for any other purposes. Prioritizing user safety, Android has implemented stringent privacy safeguards, which will be further detailed ahead of the feature launch.

Unknown Tracker Alerts for Android Users

Bluetooth trackers have emerged as a popular solution for tracking personal devices. However, they also raise concerns about potential unwanted tracking. Addressing this issue, Android plans to introduce unknown tracker alerts for Android devices later this summer.

The unknown tracker alerts feature will automatically notify users if their phone detects an unknown tracker moving with them. Users will be able to view the tracker's location on a map to track its movement history and play a sound on the tracker to aid in its physical location. In cases where safety concerns persist, users will receive instructions on how to disable the tracker physically, preventing it from updating its location. Additionally, Android has included manual scanning functionality, empowering users to proactively search for unknown trackers in their vicinity.

Promoting Safety Industry-Wide

Recognizing the significance of protecting users from unwanted tracking, Android is actively collaborating with industry stakeholders. Android has supported the publication of a new draft industry specification, outlining guidelines for Bluetooth tracker manufacturers to develop safer trackers compatible with detection and alerts across Android and iOS platforms. This collaborative effort aims to combat unwanted tracking and ensure that users are alerted to potential threats, regardless of their choice of smartphone.

Android's Commitment to Safety

Safety remains a top priority for Android, and these latest enhancements and features further emphasize the company's dedication to user protection. By simplifying device tracking and implementing proactive measures to address potential threats, Android aims to offer a secure and seamless experience for its users.

As Android continues to innovate and prioritize safety, users can look forward to an ecosystem that not only simplifies their lives but also provides peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world.


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