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Google begins previewing the new generation of Starline video chat project

Google has started working on developing a new generation of Starline project that aims to support users in video chats via a booth that displays a hologram of the person at the other end.

The Starline project is based on multiple cameras, as well as sensors, as this technology collects information from these devices to create a 3D visualization that broadcasts in real-time for conversations.

Google has confirmed in the preview of the Starline project, that this project can support video calls from one person to another, and the technology is used with higher customization to simulate the presence of the other party in the video call.

The new generation of Starline also features a large system that includes lighting, cameras, and a seat, and technology is based on devices developed specifically for the system.

Wired has confirmed that the chat booth comes with dozens of depth sensors, with a screen size of 65 inches, and the system is available at the present time in a limited number of Google offices for preview, also Google plans to push the system to some of its partners for preview.


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