Google brings desktop Search redesign to music queries


According to the 9 to 5 Google reported, Google give new and improved form helps to search on Android, iOS, and mobile with a focus on making results easier to read. A similar look has long been in development for the desktop web, with users able to preview it on COVID-19 queries.

Google’s desktop redesign is now also available for music-related searches. The main component of this redesign is a left navigation drawer. The name of the Knowledge Panel you are viewing is listed at the top with a description of the query’s nature.

In the case of albums, cover art appears. Below are subtopic categories that load new search terms: Overview, Listen, Videos, and Listen. The Share button has also been moved here.

Elsewhere, Google is still relying on two main columns of information. To the right of web results, there’s a prominent Listen card, while About with the Wikipedia description is next.

The subtopics sidebar, which is not themed by a color in this version, is the biggest change and meant to help users better navigate through dense pages packed with information. Some songs feature different items, like: Other recordings and Analysis. Google’s intention is to save users from having to manually type out a new search.

The Google Search redesign for music is more widely rolled out than before. The searching for other types of media, people, places, and news still returns the old design.


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