Google Camera Go 2.5 MOD offers support for more Android smartphones

Google Camera Go, a stripped-down version of the Google Camera app for Pixel smartphones, was launched by the tech giant last March. Over time, the company continued to add more and more features and capabilities.

The latest version of Google Camera Go 2.5 has received a new MOD from the Greatness group, which brings support for more Android smartphones. The app comes with additional features like portrait and night modes.

The latest version of Google Camera Go 2.5 MOD should be available for almost every smartphone with Android 8 or higher, but chances are it won't work with some devices, especially very old models.

Google said the Camera Go app was built for Android Go smartphone users with a clean and simple interface, so it's easier to use for novice users. The app also keeps track of how much storage space for photos and videos is available and helps users free up space for new content.

There are currently three versions of the Google Camera app available - the regular Google Camera, the lighter version of Google Camera Go, and the new MOD with support for additional devices.

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