Google CEO Pichai hints at layoffs

According to reports, Google parent company Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said today that he hopes to improve the company's efficiency by 20%. Given the current set of challenges and Google's continued hiring over the years, that could include layoffs.

At the "Code Conference" in Los Angeles today, Pichai detailed how to make Google operate more efficiently ahead of economic uncertainty and a further slowdown in ad spending. Currently, Google is the biggest beneficiary of ad spending.

Pichai said: "The deeper we understand the macroeconomy, the more uncertain it will feel. And the performance of the macroeconomy is closely related to advertising spending and consumer spending." Pichai also said, While macroeconomic factors are beyond his control, Google's headcount has slowed after previous surges. As a company, what we want to make sure of is that when we have fewer resources than before, prioritizing all the work being done right, and making sure our employees are highly productive, it will have an impact on what they're doing. Things have a big impact. So we spend a lot of time on that.

When asked "how it will make the company more efficient," Pichai said: "In all the work we do, decision-making can slow down (think twice). It can be 'end-to-end' (carefully). ) to look at it and figure out how to increase the productivity of the company by 20%.”

Pichai also cites several specific examples of how he hopes to do this, including combining YouTube Music and Google Play Music into a single product. He also said in another instance: "Sometimes there needs to progress in certain areas to further improve efficiency. For example, if there are three people making decisions in a certain area, it can be reduced to two people or one person making decisions, reducing it to Efficiency increased by 20%.”

It was reported last month that Google executives had recently started explicitly telling employees to work hard and risk layoffs if third-quarter results don't meet expectations. Although Pichai has previously expressed dissatisfaction at the company's all-hands meeting, this is the first time Google has reported layoffs this year.


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