Google CEO's latest statement in response to monopoly criticism and acquisition intentions

Google parent company Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai attended the World Coding Conference held in Los Angeles, USA. At the meeting, he first refuted the outside world's criticism of Google's opposition to competition, saying that the company "supports competition" and cited TikTok, Apple, and Microsoft as examples. In addition, he also said that Google will continue to seek meaningful acquisitions for the company.

Pichai said: "The competition in the technology field is very fierce, and the rise of TikTok not only shows that there is competition in this field but also shows how dynamic this market is compared to last year." In response to the impact of TikTok, Google's YouTube It launched Youtube Shorts to fight it.

When an audience member mentioned that Google paid Apple to be the default search engine in its Safari browser, Pichai responded that it was a "standard" deal for which Google competes with other companies.

Pichai also said that Google will continue to seek meaningful acquisitions for the company. He cited Google's acquisition of Fitbit, noting that the acquired technology will be applied to Google's upcoming Pixel Watch. He also wore a watch on stage.

Pichai mentioned that Google hadn't considered acquiring Twitter during Twitter's talks with Elon Musk earlier this year, but declined to comment when asked about its interest in acquiring Pinterest.

The U.S. Department of Justice sued Google in 2020 for violating antitrust laws and dominating the search market. In this business, Google's competitors are only Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search. The Justice Department is also preparing to sue Google for illegally dominating the digital advertising market, sources said.


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