Google Chrome 106 allows users to close new tab promotion ads

Google and Chrome use the home page to display promotions and advertisements below the search box. While users visiting Google can discover and possibly use it, to be honest, the promotional ad message on Chrome's new tab page is pretty annoying every time a user opens a new tab. In 2019, Google began to allow users to turn off promotional ads on Chrome's new tab page. The feature is now finally enabled by default, and users can click to close the promotion in Chrome 106 stable in 2022.

In addition to displaying the most used websites on the new tab page, the Chrome web browser uses NTP to promote its products and sometimes displays both burst and non-burst messages. As of now, Chrome has not provided option [x] to get rid of these ads, users can now temporarily remove these promotions by clicking option [X] with the mouse.

How to Turn Off Promotional Ads on New Tab Pages in Chrome (2022)?

  • Launch Chrome browser

  • Open new tab

  • When a message is seen, it will also be included in the elimination option via option[x]

  • Just click it with the mouse and Chrome will display "You will never see this particular message again" with an option to dismiss. It disappears after a few seconds and won't reappear unless Google pushes another.

Users will be able to delete individual promotions, and Chrome may still display a burst message without allowing users to delete it. Google Chrome 106 Stable is expected to be released the week of September 27.


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