Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10 and Linux

Google Chrome browser users have encountered problems during the past few days through the Windows 10 operating system, and the search giant rushed to provide a solution, which was as strange as the error that was fixed.

Many people depend on the web these days, and web browsers have become an important part of programs across any platform, so when these programs crash, the internet is filled with complaints and demands for clarifications.

Crashes occur in version 90.0.4430.212 of the browser and affect a subset of its users.

The aforementioned version of the browser was released on May 10, and there were no reports that it might incorrectly function until recently.

And no one except Google knows the error that caused the Google Chrome browser to suddenly crash randomly for a large number of users.

In addition to the crashing of the installed add-ons, the browser stops loading pages, including the settings pages and experimental features of the Google Chrome browser, and the problem occurs during normal operation and after activating the incognito mode.

This behavior was partly blamed on a silent Google update, which always happens behind the scenes, while others were quick to point fingers at the add-ons.

To fix the problem, users started reinstalling the browser or wiping the user data folder, but this could lead to data loss if users do not back up the folder or if the browser is not in sync with Google.

Google did not explicitly say what happened but hinted at it, and it can be implicitly understood from Google that it was related to Origin Trials, which is what Google calls its system for testing experimental features on a piecemeal basis.

In a post detailing the fix within the Google Chrome community, Google directs Linux users to go to the Origin Trials directory for their profile and delete a specific file.

This is an acknowledgment that the issue also affected Linux users and not just Windows 10 users as previously reported.

Google released a small update that resolves crashes, and for affected Windows devices, follow these steps:

  • Quit any open Google Chrome windows.

  • Reopen the browser.

  • Leave the browser open for about 5 minutes.

  • Quit the browser after 5 minutes and then restart it to resolve the behavior


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