Google Chrome is testing a new security feature for autofill passwords

Google Chrome may get a sidebar search function similar to Microsoft Edge. This will allow users to highlight any text on a web page to find more information about it on the web without opening a new tab. Search results are displayed in a pane to the right of the current web page, showing all relevant links, images, definitions, and videos. Now, Google Chrome also appears to be getting another Microsoft Edge feature, a security enhancement.

The Microsoft Edge browser actually offers a "Sign in with device password" setting. This adds a new layer of security when a user auto-fills a password in a form, it prompts the user for device credentials before auto-filling the password. Essentially, device credentials act as a kind of master password for autofill credentials on any website a user browses through Edge. However, this is not the default setting of Microsoft Edge and needs to be enabled by the user. Leopeva64 found that Google Chrome Canary already offers similar functionality.

Google Chrome has made some improvements to the implementation on Edge by letting the Windows dialog tell the user exactly which website is granting AutoFill access. This feature is more secure and optional, meaning users can save the browser as a default configuration if they don't want to be bothered by being prompted every time their password is auto-filled.


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