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Google Chrome makes it easier for users to take screenshots on Android phones

Chrome browser for Android has got a new feature that makes it easier to take screenshots, as the new Chrome 91 version is said to include a screenshot tool in the share menu, and the tool helps you take a screenshot of the entire page including the URL and there are options to crop and draw Add text, and with this feature, you will not be required to press multiple buttons to take screenshots and it will be similar to simply sharing a link.

While the tool allows you to share the screenshot instantly or you can save it to the device only, Google recently launched Chrome 91 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems along with Chrome 91 (91.0.4472.77) for Android, and it is expected that both Two new releases in the coming days or weeks.

Google Chrome 91 brings a number of fixes and improvements, and with this update, collapsed tab groups will take up less space and freeze pages to free up space. This will exclude tabs that play audio, keep web lock, IndexedDB, capture video, audio, window, or view It also comes with new checkboxes, text fields, buttons, specific menus, and other form controls.

As for security, Google has many features as well, for example, Chrome 91 for iOS warns users if they enter saved passwords on a known phishing site, and also, Google has fixed 32 vulnerabilities in its latest version.


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