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Google enhances the Live View feature in Google Maps with more accurate details


Google revealed some of the features offered in the Google Maps update, which include improvements in the Live View feature.

The Google Developers Conference 2021 I / O kicked off with a group of announcements about the new Google technology and Android 12 update, and the search giant also demonstrated the new features presented in the Google Maps application, in which the company promotes the Live View feature that comes with more accurate details about restaurants and commercial activities.

The Live View tool in the Google Maps application supports user guidance with augmented reality technology, and the tool was launched for the first time in 2019, as the feature works to display directions using the viewfinder in the camera, and the feature initially included airports, public transport stations, and shopping centers.

In updating the Google Maps application, Google expands the Live View tool to include restaurants and stores, and the tool also provides the user with details about restaurant crowds, or current comments about restaurants, as it shows the latest uploaded photos.

Therefore, the user will be able to explore restaurants and stores remotely, and the Live View feature will support automatic user guidance for some sites such as the worksite and at home.

Google also confirmed its plans to bring artificial intelligence technology improvements into Google Maps, with a detailed display of road maps that support a wider coverage now of 50 cities around the world.


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