Google has chosen to shutdown its Google WiFi tool


Google has chosen to turn off its Google WiFi tool . The application, which since its inception in 2019 has acted as a configuration and testing intermediary between phones and routers of this American brand (currently in the Nest series), has expired. The American company started informing users about this a few hours ago as part of notifications. Towards the end, another Google tool is rushing, however, it is a logical step caused by the gradual development in the mentioned segment under the wings of this giant.

People who want to manage routers and WiFi networks in the same (or supposedly even better) way need to go to Google Home. The new environment should include, for example, a better overview of the network and router, notifications about device connections or the possibility of conference calls via Meet and Zoom.

Users have several weeks to switch. The final shutdown of Google WiFi will occur on May 25. Then you can't get into it anymore. It is also necessary to take into account that after switching to Google Home, it will be necessary to reconfigure individual devices.


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