Google has cut the functionality of simple Nokia phones and beyond

While smartphones are increasingly approaching the cost of conventional push-button phones, the latter category still continues to enjoy some popularity. Many of these phones run the KaiOS operating system.

These phones offer enhanced functionality thanks in large part to integrations with Google services, including the Google Assistant voice assistant. Thanks to the "Assistant", simple push-button phones with KaiOS can use voice commands to call someone, send a message, turn on various functions of the device, adjust the volume, open applications, start videos on YouTube, search on Google Maps and in the Google search engine, and so on. Further.

Recently, however, Google Voice Assistant for KaiOS has lost its basic functionality - the ability to send text messages and make calls using voice commands. Considering the inconvenience of the number buttons and T9 for typing, the use of voice commands was very popular with users.

The user now receives a response: "Sorry, I cannot call/send messages yet." Previously, "Assistant" would say, "What do you want to write X?" or "Your message ... do you want to send it or change it?"

Users of a variety of KaiOS-based phones, including Nokia's, started complaining about the problem back in April. The problem persists to this day. One of the recent buyers of the Nokia 2720 V Flip contacted the manufacturer and received the following response:

Due to recent changes made by Google, feature phones running KaiOS will have limited functionality with Google Assistant. Calling and sending SMS to your contacts using Google Assistant is no longer supported. Other Google Assistant features are currently working as usual. "

According to StatCounter data for July 2021, KaiOS is in fourth place in terms of prevalence among mobile operating systems with a share of 0.19%. Android dominates with a share of 72.21%, and iOS (second place) - 26.92%.


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