Google holds its Google I / O 2021 Developers Conference from May 18 to May 20


The Google I / O conference is usually the time when Google reveals what it has been working on in the past year, including the next version of Android, and the 3-day event will also include a large number of meetings and discussions. Developers about the various software services provided by Google.

This year, there are rumors of Google announcing new devices such as the updated Pixel Buds and possibly the Pixel 5a, and in 2020, Google I / O had to be canceled due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and Google did not have time to plan an online version of the event.

And since the epidemic is not over yet, and personal events are still insecure, Google I / O 2021 will be a virtual online event, and Google has already prepared the site for it, and just like every year, they have also released a puzzle, which upon solving it will reveal details about IO. For this year, registrations have been opened to attend Google IO 2021.

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