Google introduces new features to the Maps application


Google has rolled out a new update to the Maps service, which provided the Insights tab as part of the timeline that will track your travel statuses on a monthly basis. With Insights, Google has added bar graphs with which users can compare their activities, the latest addition to Maps will help you distinguish the total time you spend on your feet during the month from other travel modes, and there will be statistics tailored for you to better judge your movement habits.

The Insights feature will also use Google's knowledge of the sites you visit (restaurants, bars, stores, etc.) According to a report by Android Police, the feature will be arriving in other parts of the world soon.

Google has also made some changes to the user interface, which include less whitespace between entries to fit more information on the screen and a new floating button to help you make changes to the timeline, and a new Journeys tab has been added as well.


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