Google is copying a great feature from Apple

According to the latest information, Google will change the Find My Device service beyond recognition. It is found in almost every phone with the Android operating system, but the team from the XDA-Developers forum has revealed that it will undergo a drastic change and the inspiration for Apple is obvious here. But we will only benefit from it.

The developers have found interesting information in the codes of the latest version of the Google Play Services application. An updated version of this feature should allow you to locate your phone using other Android devices. This could also apply to Wear OS watches, so searching could be even easier. Currently, you can only search for devices that you're signed in to with a Google Account.

A year ago, Apple introduced a brand new Find My service that allows you to quickly and privately search for lost phones/laptops/tablets using other iOS devices. Apple AirTags also work on a similar basis. This may suggest that we could see a similar tracking device directly from Google.

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