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Google is pushing the Google Maps update with the safe routing feature to avoid road accidents


During Google I / O for the year 2021, Google announced a new update for the Google Maps application that comes with a safe routing feature that directs users to safe paths on the roads to reach the destination.

By updating the new Google Maps, users can avoid road accidents, as this feature aims to focus on safe roads more, compared to the current guidance feature in the application or other applications that direct the user to the roads that reach the destination faster.

Sundar Pichai confirmed during Google I / O that updating the Google Maps application comes with a "safe routing" feature, as the feature monitors the current weather conditions on the different routes, while monitoring road movement and traffic to plan trips with higher safety and security standards.

This feature can support the user in avoiding sudden stops during trips as a result of accidents, and the feature is set to support reducing traffic accidents that reach 100 million annually.


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