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Google kills Android Auto for smartphones

As it became known, the Android Auto application is no longer available for smartphones testing the Android 12. The application for smartphones was called Android Auto for phone screens. Now Android Auto will only exist on the screens of car multimedia systems.

Back in 2014, Google launched the Android Auto service for car multimedia and entertainment systems, which allowed users to access music, maps, and more right on the car screen, so as not to pick up a smartphone. The downside is that you needed to have a compatible device with a screen in your car.

For those whose cars do not support Android Auto, Google has released the Android Auto for phone screens application, which allowed drivers to display everything the same as the full version of Android Auto on the smartphone screen without spending extra money on installing a new multimedia system in the car.

However, now Google is closing access to Android Auto for phone screens. Users confirm that Android Auto for phone screens no longer runs on smartphones with Android 12. Instead, a message pops up stating that Android Auto is now only available on car displays. The app also encourages users to try the driving mode in Google Assistant.

Back in 2019, Google warned users that this would eventually happen. Those using Android 11 or earlier can still access Android Auto for phone screens, but it is not yet known how long this will last.

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