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Google Phone application will allow users to find out about annoying messages and calls


A recent report revealed that Google has started to roll out a new feature for its Phone app, according to 9to5Google, where the giant technology introduces a new feature to the Google Phone app, and this feature will announce the caller when the phone rings.

The report adds that after this feature is introduced, you can set whether you want the app to announce caller data every time the phone rings or when you only wear headphones, while Google has been working on this caller ID feature for months and it will be useful when users work remotely or when Keep their phones away, as this feature will also help in avoiding spam and unwanted calls.

To enable the feature, you have to go to the Google Phone app> Settings> Caller ID announcement, while the feature called Caller ID Advertising is disabled by default and you can choose between Always, Only when using a headset, or Never.

Although it is an interesting feature, there is a possibility that some users may not like it. In the event that you do not want the Google Phone app to read a caller's phone number or contact name aloud, you can consider switching to the alternative Microsoft Your Phone app. Microsoft's Your Phone app allows you to copy your phone's notification to your computer.


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