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Google Photos editor adds new HDR effect/filter on Pixel phones

Image Credit: Unsplash
Image Credit: Unsplash

Google Photos introduced a new HDR filter adjustment. In September, the Google Photos editor was entirely redesigned on Android and adjust tab, after Brightness and Contrast, now shows an HDR effect that’s badged with a yellow dot on first use. Like most adjustments, tapping presents you with a 100-point slider. You can click the HDR button to jump all the way to 100 or reset. This new option is more akin to a filter in that it works on any image from screenshots to something downloaded online. It does not appear to tap into any information captured by the Pixel’s camera system, but rather just mimics the HDR effect.

The new Dynamic and sunrise/sunset effects, this Google Photos HDR filter is currently only available on Pixel phones and it does not show up on third-party devices or the web client. It reflects a growing trend of Pixels getting new Photos features first. It was announced with the December security patch and this is a server-side rollout that just requires the latest version of Photos for Android.

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