Google Photos now has an amazing feature that can magically move images


Although Google announced a few months ago that it announced new rules for (un) paid use in Google Photos, many users started looking for another alternative, it is constantly trying to improve this useful tool. And in a really interesting way that loyal fans must enjoy. And to establish why they do not want to cross. One of the most compelling new features is the Cinematic photos feature, which Google first introduced for the Photos app last December and has now reminded again with new demos. It is a tool that can move ordinary images with the help of artificial intelligence.

Have you ever taken a photo and thought, wow, that would look a little moving? So you are exactly on the trail of the mentioned function. Armed with machine learning data, the AI ​​can take a normal frame, evaluate its depth, foreground, and background objects, and create a short animation. If the user wants, he can merge two different photos together.

After clicking, the animation starts. The animation created in this way can then not only be saved but also shared with friends. And in the form of a video. Cinematic photos are commonly available in Google Photos and should be offered for selected images as part of the Memories crawl. But we haven't been able to wake them up yet. In any case, make sure you have this tool enabled. This is done in the menu under the profile icon> Photo Settings> Memories> Advanced Settings> Movie Photos.

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