Google postpones mandatory return to offices until January 2022

Google, which planned to introduce a hybrid work week starting October 18, under which employees had to spend three days out of five in offices, has postponed the plan.

Internet giant CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that the company is postponing a mandatory return to the office until January 2022. More precisely, until January 10, each employee will be able to decide for himself whether to return to the office or continue to work from home. After that date, decisions on the mandatory transition to office work will be made by Google offices. If such a decision is made, staff will be advised to return to jobs abandoned by the pandemic 30 days before attendance becomes mandatory.

The reasons for the delay are understandable. This is a continuation of the pandemic, in particular, the appearance of the delta strain, and low levels of vaccination. By the way, vaccination will be a prerequisite for an employee to go to work in the office.


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