Google provides VPN service outside the US

Google has updated its Google One support page to show that Google One VPN is now available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the UK, bringing the total to eight countries. Google One is a subscription-based cloud service from Google that offers a wide range of storage plans ranging from 100GB all the way up to 30TB.

On some plans, the company also offers free gifts like 10 percent cash back on Google Store purchases, professional sessions with company experts, and a gold status on Google Play Points. And last year, the company added another feature to its higher-level plans, which is access to a virtual private network, or VPN.

Previously, VPN access within Google One was only available to US subscribers. But access is now expanding on a larger scale with the service starting in North America and five European countries.

And if you reside in one of these markets, you can now take advantage of the free VPN service from Google One. But you must be on a 2TB or higher plan to take advantage of this feature. To access the VPN, open the Google One app on your Android device and then click on the Benefits tab at the top, and from there, turn on the VPN.

Google provides VPN service outside the US

The VPN service offered by the search giant mainly aims to make browsing more secure and private. This is done by directing traffic through an encrypted tunnel. The company says a VPN protects you no matter what app you use.

It won't help much in circumventing geo-restrictions as there is no option to switch to different countries or servers. The company also notes that you will not be able to use the VPN service when traveling to an unsupported country.

And Google One VPN has got many improvements since its debut. A new VPN whitelist functionality was added to the service in June, allowing users to bypass certain VPN applications.

The company recently added a new snooze button that allows users to pause the VPN for a short period.


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