Google randomly transfers $250,000 to bug bounty users

There was an Oolong incident in Google. Google accidentally transferred nearly 250,000 US dollars (about 1.74 million yuan) to a blogger and security engineer. The party said that he waited for nearly a month before receiving the company. 's reply. In response to the Oolong incident, Google said it was " human error ".

Security engineer Sam Curry tweeted that the tech giant sent him $249,999 "at random" and more than three weeks had passed since he received the transfer.

He added that he did not spend the money, but waited for the company to find out and contact him. He also told the outlet that he might also need to transfer the money to another account in order to avoid paying taxes on the money.

A Google spokesperson later issued a statement saying: "The team recently made a payment to the wrong party due to human error. We thank the affected partners for quickly alerting us to this situation and are working to correct it."

It is understood that security engineer Sam Curry conducts "bug bounty" work for companies including Google, and gets paid for finding vulnerabilities in the company's software. However, he doesn't see a connection between his work for Google and the money that fell from the sky.

In a similar incident last month,, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, inadvertently transferred $10 million to a woman living in Australia in May 2021. The error was not discovered until the year-end audit seven months later. At that time, she had used the money to buy a mansion.


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