Google's In-App Payment Prevention Act, July's Processing Goal Discussion 'Acceleration'

The so-called In-App Payment Prevention Act (Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Act) to prevent Google's unilateral change in fee policy will be intensively discussed with the aim of handling the bill in July at the National Assembly.

According to the National Assembly and the Internet industry on the 28th, the National Assembly Science, Technology, Information and Broadcasting, and Communications Committee held an agenda coordination committee on the same day to discuss the agenda and activities of the committee ahead of the general meeting of the bill.

As a result of the discussion, the Agenda Coordination Committee decided to hold its second meeting between July 12 and 14, and until then, it was decided to collect opinions from related organizations and institutions for about two weeks and conduct intensive discussions.

In addition, it is planning to make a law amendment by comprehensively considering various laws of the ruling and opposition parties and trends in overseas app markets.

Based on this, we aimed to pass the bill together with the second supplementary budget bill, which is expected to be processed by the National Assembly in July.

In-app payment is a method that allows app market operators such as Google to pay for paid apps and content only through their own internal payment system. Policy changes are being made to raise the commission rate from 15% to 30%.

To prevent this, the In-App Payment Prevention Act was proposed one after another last year, but it failed to pass the standing committee due to the opposition of the people that it should be handled with care due to friction and overlapping regulations.

Then, at a plenary meeting on the 24th of this month, Lee Won-wook, chairman of the ruling Democratic Party, decided to form an agenda coordination committee to expedite the bill, and the first meeting was held on the same day. The agenda to be referred to the Agenda Coordination Committee can be submitted to the plenary meeting if it is resolved with the approval of two-thirds or more of the members. it was decided

The Korea Communications Commission, which is in charge of protecting Internet service users, also decided to support the passage of the bill in the National Assembly to meet the agenda coordination committee.

An official from the Korea Communications Commission said in a telephone conversation with Yonhap News about the In-App Payment Prevention Act, "The Korea Communications Commission plans to support the swift processing of related bills to protect users' interests."

Regarding the bill's agenda adjustment, he said, "I understand that it is because of the urgency to protect small and medium-sized app developers in Korea at a time when Google's mandatory enforcement of in-app payments is approaching on October 1." This is accepted as supporting the purpose of the agenda coordination committee.

As the ruling party-led agenda coordination committee opened, the possibility of the bill going directly to the plenary session has increased, and the Korea Communications Commission is also providing support, and it is predicted that the bill will be handled even more.

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