Google’s new Chrome 88 update improves dark mode and discontinued FTP and Adobe Flash


Google is releasing a new version of Chrome this week that will improve its dark mode support, alongside removing FTP and Adobe Flash support. The dark mode improvements can be found on both Windows and Chrome OS. There are refinements to both the light and dark modes in Chrome OS, with the themes updated for the app launcher, quick settings, and shelf parts of Chrome OS.

Windows 10 dark mode is improved with Chrome 88, with scroll bars finally appearing dark. Unfortunately, these are currently limited to the settings, bookmarks, history, and new tab pages of Chrome 88 and not across all websites with dark themes.

Google is also removing some old web technology in Chrome 88. The File Transport Protocol (FTP) is officially disabled with this latest version, removing support for a protocol that has been used for decades to send files across the web.

Adobe Flash is also being fully removed from Chrome 88, after being initially blocked and then disabled in recent years. The removal of Flash from Chrome marks the end of an era, following Adobe’s discontinued support on December 31st.

Google is also experimenting with some new features for Chrome. Both tab search and less intrusive website permission requests can be found hidden away in Chrome 88. You’ll need to enable the new tab search using chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search, and it will appear as a new drop down arrow in the Chrome tab UI. Smaller permission prompts can also be enabled from chrome://flags/#permission-chip.

Google has updated its Chrome browser with a handy new feature that identifies any weak passwords you’re still using and makes it faster and easier to replace them with something more secure.

The Chrome 88 update also streamlines the process of updating any weak passwords to stronger ones. Once the check is complete it will list the offending passwords and provide links to where you need to go to change them.

This new Chrome feature isn’t a fully-featured password manager but it should help plug holes by identifying weak passwords you may have forgotten about.

Google says Chrome 88 will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux first.

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