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Google unveils the Smart Canvas in Google I / O 2021


Google unveiled at the Google I / O 2021 conference the Smart Canvas that provides users with a unique workspace with an integrated interactive experience.

Google has demonstrated the features of the new smart canvas developed by the company, which launches under the title Smart Canvas, which brings users together with a set of tools, spreadsheets, and presentations among other tools that support the user with an integrated interactive experience in the workspace, provided that the smartboard is presented in Google Docs.

Smart canvas is also associated with Meet, Sheets, Tasks, and Slides, which can be accessed via @, which provides the user with a set of templates and a site map for the project. The service also supports the feature of fast association between documents and Drive.

Google also announced a connection with the task list, and formatting pages, with support for the user in writing and choosing the language, and emoji in the folders.


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