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GTA Online will close its doors to owners of old consoles at the end of the year


Grand Theft Auto V is an unbelievable phenomenon that can be played on two generations of consoles, while the release for the next one is being prepared for this autumn.

In addition, the title still appears relatively regularly in the rankings of the best-selling games, which is certainly due to the very popular multiplayer mode GTA Online, which is still being expanded.

Anyway, if you play this mode on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, Rockstar has bad news for you.

On December 16, the game servers on these platforms will be shut down, including the statistics monitoring service at the Rockstar Games Social Club. In addition, they will no longer be able to purchase any Shark Cash cards (purchase of virtual money for real ones) on these platforms from 15 September.

Singleplayer will continue to be available.

Multiplayer will then be turned off on the PS3 and X360 versions of the third Max Payne, adding to turning off statistics tracking for LA Noire on the same platforms.

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