Höga, the car that is assembled as if it were an Ikea furniture


A design student has made this original proposal for his thesis. A modular car that is assembled as if it were an Ikea piece of furniture. It's called Höga and it's the brainchild of a design student at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, USA, named Ryan Schlotthauer. It is a modular car created under the inspiration of the Bauhaus trend and with a configuration as if it were Ikea furniture. This proposal has been made on the occasion of his thesis for the end of his university career.

Modular car type Ikea

Höga is designed as if it were a kit car and inspired by Ikea's design philosophy and in accordance with Renault's sustainable mobility canons. Its aim is to be a useful, low-cost, and sustainable vehicle. Its characteristics include wide habitability. Of course, it is 100% electric and is made with 100% recyclable parts.

The car could be received disassembled, perfectly packaged, and with assembly instructions as if it were an Ikea piece of furniture. It is based on an A-frame configuration that includes a built-in roll cage and two parts that snap together like Lego pieces. In fact, it is made up of a total of 374.

The Höga measures 2.3 meters long by 1.8 high and 1.56 wide and seeks maximum simplicity and functionality. Once it is adjusted and screwed, the whole car is ready.

According to Schlotthauer, the Höga has a modular design that would allow a wide range of applications depending on the needs of each case. For example, you could have two seats in the front and a rear cargo area. It also allows a four-seater configuration.

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