Halo Infinite offers cross-platform multiplayer

The expected first-person shooter Halo Infinite will, of course, also offer multiplayer in addition to the campaign, and a new, approximately 12-minute video was introduced to it, which introduced us to the game in more detail.

We already know from yesterday's Xbox conference that it will be free to play and it will basically be a separate game. Today we learned that it will offer cross-play and also cross-progression, so you can play alternately on Xbox and PC, without losing the process.

As for the content itself, we are looking forward to a new vehicle called the Razorback, in which you can store your weapon. In addition, we also have to modify weapons, vehicles, and even artificial intelligence, whose voice we can choose. The authors promise that there will be no loot boxes in the game. Battle Pass, on the other hand, but it will work very nicely for players. It will not expire after the end of the season and you can return to it later.

In addition to the multiplayer itself, the so-called Academy will be available, in which newcomers can learn control and veterans can train what they need again. But that's not all, because the content should gradually add to the game even after the release.

Halo Infinite will be released later this year, targeting the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. It will be available on the Xbox Game Pass on the day of release.

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